Properties of Objects on Canvas

Each object that I drag to the Canvas has values that are unique to them such as name, type, etc. For example, I drag a ‘Camera’ object to the canvas then I hi-lite it, and then I click the edit button and i get a pop up window where I can enter the Name of the Camera, and the Brand. I can then save these values in the database.

How do i set a prompt on the objects, like a symbol, that lets me know that it is ok you saved the Camera Name but Reminder I did not complete all of the fields associated with this object. Is there an example I can see?
Thank you

The simplest way to do this is simply to have 2 different icons (e.g. a Camera and a Camera with a little “?”) and you just set the one that is appropriate.

If you have lots of symbols, having 2 or more designs for each one can be a pain, so it’s easier to place another smaller graphic on top of the larger one (like Windows does with the Shortcut icon).

DecoratedTextNode is a sample of that in Demo1, but it’s easy to add more graphics to any of our node classes.