Hello Sir,

How it is possible to list the limited no of PROPERTIES in Property Gird for selected GoObject like GoView, GoDocument, GoLink and GoNode. now property grid shows the all properties of select the go object. we want other solution than [Browsalble(false)].
2. We purchased the GoDiagram Win ver 2.6 but now we are using ver 3.0
and it is showing EVAL ver. what we need to do to get rid off it.
3. what no of Dlls are given in GoDiagram Win Sub Base.
  1. This is an issue about how to customize the WinForms PropertyGrid – it’s not specific to GoDiagram.

One way to proceed is what is done in the OrgCharter or Flowgrammer samples – define a simple separate class, such as OrgCharter.GraphNodeInfo or Flowgrammer.Info, that has only the properties that you want to make visible, that you initialize with information from the document object, and for which you handle changes by making changes to the document object.

  1. That option isn’t available yet. We’re in the process of making kits for the next beta release, and I think you’ll be able to get unlock code(s) for that.

  2. Four: Northwoods.Go, Northwoods.Go.Xml, Northwoods.Go.Svg, and Northwoods.Go.Draw.