ProtoApp Edit menu


I copied the way you build your menu in proto app… and it works
except for the paste… CTRL+Drag does work in my app… but doing a
CTRL+V doesnt work even if CanPaste returns true…Is there something
different about CTRL+Drag and CTRL+V in the copying of objects?
EditPaste gets called from my menu… but the action doesnt happen since
my Undo menu doesnt get updated…


Probably you have some object that isn’t serializable. Read about it in the FAQ and/or the User Guide.


No all my objects are marked specifically with the serializable attribute…
I read the fact.

To test your serialization: Stream ofile = File.Open("test.graph", FileMode.Create); IFormatter oformatter = new BinaryFormatter(); oformatter.Serialize(ofile, myView.Document); ofile.Close(); and to test deserializing: Stream ifile = File.Open("test.graph", FileMode.Open); IFormatter iformatter = new BinaryFormatter(); GoDocument doc = iformatter.Deserialize(ifile) as GoDocument; ifile.Close(); myView.Document = doc;