Push down block of pipe examples

I’m extending example pipes (Pipes)

I created the blocks function thanks to the information in this forum.

I want to insert a new node between nodes when they are hovered.

Is this possible?


my goal is like this.

This might help: Scratch Editor
As usual, the complete source code is in the page itself.

We also have a version that includes an interpreter and a run-time environment. Both samples are incomplete.

And neither sample, if I recall correctly, supports splicing a node into a sequence of nodes. However, that is relatively easy to implement. Basically you want to implement a mouseDrop event handler that logically and physically inserts the dropped node before or after (or not, depending on circumstances) the node handling the event.

This is demonstrated in a flowchart-like sample at: Flowgrammer
Or in this tree-oriented sample at: HTML Drag and Drop, and external Clipboard pasting
Or this sample: Reordering Nodes

Note how those samples also implement mouseDragEnter and mouseDragLeave event handlers to show feedback to the user about the permitted drop (if it is permitted).