Question about DOM Tree Customisation

Hello - I am wondering if it’s possible to have the DOM Tree example connect to multiple nodes (similar to how a Sankey flow works) - but also be able to expand the node to reveal more information about that node - e.g. images and a table. See diagram for a general concept - many thanks!

PS - to be clear, SDK’s can connect to multiple App’s and App’s to SDK’s.

Those issues are completely independent from each other.

First, use LayeredDigraphLayout instead of TreeLayout.

Second, yes you can have nodes expand to show arbitrarily complex details. There are various ways to accomplish that. See for example:
Also consider:

Yet a third possibility:

Thanks Walter - appreciate the speedy reply. A couple of quick questions:

  • I presume can change the presentation/style of the node?
  • can each node be expanded as it is presented in the DOM Tree example?

Yes and yes. Although I think you want to use what I mentioned last: Groups holding subgraphs. See for example Each group would have its Group.layout be an instance of TreeLayout.

Perfect - thank you!

So each expandable node would be a Group that would look like a regular Node when collapsed or when expanded. You would not have any Shape surrounding the group’s Placeholder.

For the detail nodes, use a “Table” Panel inside an “Auto” Panel: Each cell of the Table Panel might be a Panel again, depending on what you want to show.

If you have a variable number of items to show, have the information be in an Array that is the value of a property of the node data object. See