Question about moving to GoXam or GoDiagram 10

Long time user of GoDiagram for Windows. I think we picked it up in 2006. We recently rewrote our product in WPF, moving away from WinForms. We choose not to move to GoXam at the time because of level of effort. So we use GoDiagram as a WinForm control embedded in a WPF container.

Now we are looking at making improvements in the diagramming portion of the product. The biggest feature we would like to add is swim lanes. Currently functionality that we must be able to keep, is the ability to embed WinForm controls, specifically UI Type editors, inside of blocks.

There appear to be 3 options:

  1. Stay with GoDiagram 6. By far the least amount of effort. How good is swim lane support? Will version 6 be end of lifed at some point?

  2. Move to GoXam. Large effort, but I’m sure we could embed WinForm controls. Appears to have swim lane support. Is it as feature rich as GoDiagram 10?

  3. Move to GoDiagram 10. Large effort but seems like it may have the most features or at least the most exhaustive sample library. Is it just a .Net wrapper around a Web browser? Could WinForm controls be embedded?

Any information around these questions is greatly appreciated.

Both GoDiagram 6 and GoXam are no longer getting new features – just maintenance releases.

GoDiagram 10 has far more features than GoDiagram 6 – GoDiagram v1.0 came out on Valentine’s Day in 2001, the same day that .NET Framework 1.0 was released, so we’ve had 22 years of experience since then. GoDiagram 10 is entirely implemented in C#.

GoDiagram 10 has significantly more features than GoXam – 13 more years of experience building diagrams. If you want to embed arbitrary FrameworkElements into your Nodes, use GoXam. Otherwise, use GoDiagram 10.

I think you should find it much easier to build diagrams with GoDiagram 10 than with anything else you could find for WinForms or for WPF or for Avalonia.


How long will Northwoods support GoDiagram 6 with maintenance and security releases?

We currently have no plans to stop maintenance on GoDiagram 6. But it won’t last forever, and I bet the time is growing shorter.