Record Mapper Problem

i’m currently using the record mapper and created two blocks, block A and block B. Each of them has lots of(really a lot of them) items so that the web page can only display a part of them at one time.

now the situation is that when i wanna draw link between the very top element from A to the very bottom element in B, the web page will not automatically scroll down. Anyone know how i’m gonna solve this?

Many thanks!

Actually, GoJS Diagrams do support auto-scrolling during a user-drawn linking operation. Just make sure that the mouse/finger is just inside the edge of the viewport and that no valid potential target port has been chosen (highlighted in magenta).

We’ll remove the restriction that there not be any valid target port near the mouse point in version 1.7.

Another completely different kind of solution to your problem is to use a “ScrollingTable”, to allow the user to scroll one or both tables so that the desired ports are near to each other. See, which uses this extension: