Rectangle draw select

Is it possible to draw a rectangle as I am selecting nodes on a diagram?

Like in windows? Left click and drag and select all items in the rectangle? I need to provide the user with box as they are dragging.
Any ideas or is it possible?

That’s the default behavior…

The rectangle is not visible, is that something out the box? My users want to be able to see that rectangle as it is draw?

Try our samples…

Have you changed any tools in your app?

I haven’t changed anything and I even tried the samples online. But as I left click and drag I don’t see a rectangle getting bigger as I drag around the objects on the goview. The objects are selected when I release the left click but the rectangle does not display during the drag event.

I want to duplicate the behavior that works on a Windows desktop when you click and drag a box/rectangle is drawn on the screen.

OH! You’re talking about webforms. Sorry, I shouldn’t do it, but I am always thinking winforms unless someone says otherwise.

No, our webforms product doesn’t currently give feedback while doing drag box selection. This is probably something we should revisit, as advances like HTML5 standardization make this kind of thing more possible these days.

If you were new to GoDiagram, I’d recommend you take a look at our Silverlight based GoXam, but looking at your order history, it looks like you are a ways down the road on this project.

I have actually been tasked to review Silverlight and GoXam for our project so its on the list of things to do.

So at the moment, is there a way to use a client side drawling function?
Can you provide me an example of how to override the onmouse click and draw event? maybe I can come up with something on my own if I can find a good starting point.
Another thing I would like to do, is provide an image that moves with the mouse when a node is clicked and dragged. I would think they are similar events?
Anything would be helpful, thank you.

To make it interactive, you’d have to do it on the client side (in the browser). Your tools there are javascript and the browser’s document object model.

You can look at GoWeb.js, it is the script we write to create the client side interactions (like tooltips) that you do get, and it where mouse actions are handled.

If it were easy though, we would have already done it.