Reduce GOJS library size


We are trying to reduce the size of our web app. It is an Angular 6 app, and we are using Scrolling Table and Selectable Fields.

These are the elements that we are importing:

import { Adornment, Binding, Diagram, GraphLinksModel, GraphObject, DiagramEvent, Link, Margin, Node, Panel, RowColumnDefinition, Shape, Size, Part, Spot, TextBlock } from ‘gojs’;

Is there any way to exclude or delete the elements that we are not using, in order to reduce the size of our app?

Thanks in advance.

If you used a tool such as the Google Closure compiler, with a little work you could remove any number of GoJS classes and probably a lot of other stuff too.

If you don’t want to do that, when we release version 2.0 someday in the unplanned future, you’ll be able to do that. Here’s some alpha documentation: