Reference error "this" in ContextMenu in Angular

Hi, I have a question about how I can update a variable of my Angular component within a click method of the ContextMenu. In the click method I make a diagram.commit and in it I update information of my groups, but I also need to update a variable of the component, and when using this.varible it doesn’t update it or returns undefined, so I can’t update that value in my template. I was checking and implementing a, but it didn’t work either. Is there any way to get the value change or return the variable out of the diagram context?

Are you referring to this inside a function? If so, use an arrow function instead.

Yes, I’m using an arrow function. And inside it I do the diagram.commit to update the groups and that’s where I need to update the component’s variable using “this.variable”

Is the problem that this is not referring to what you want? I’m not sure I can help with this.

The function where I make those changes is defined inside the initDiagram( ), and inside it my variable is updated when I make “this.variable”, but if I want to use it outside that context, it is not updated…

I don’t know what to say. If you don’t have a reference to the object that has the property you want, you’ll need to get it.

I solved it already. I did it using an addDiagramListener ( LayoutCompleted ), in ngAfterViewInit. I checked the changes of the diagram and based on that I updated my component variable. Thanks.