Refresh Issue

I using GoWeb 2.6.2, when I go to the site, more often than not, I see the palette and canvas draw, the screen flickers and then I get a message saying that internet explorer can’t open the site.

This happens when I look at the projects on your gallery as well. If I clear my browser cache, it will typically work once or twice, before I get hte error again.
Is this a common issue? Is there a workaround. I went through all 25 pages of the forum and didn't see anything related to this. My apologies if I've missed something obvious.

Really? I’ve never seen or heard of that. And I just tried all of the sample web applications at Is there any chance you are having internet connectivity issues?

Does your web site have more than the one GoPalette and one GoView on the page? What exactly is the error?

What version of Internet Explorer are you using?

I am using IE 7. I am trying to pinpoint the problem. What I’ve read about this type of error is that it has to do with javascript trying to update the page prior to the page cnmpletely loading.

I took the processor sample as provided on my server, and don't get the error. I then just added another item on the page (webform1.aspx) called MyPalette.
<GoWeb:GoPalette id="MyPalette" tabIndex="1" Width="208px" Height="500px" runat="Server" NoPost="true" ImagePage="GoWebImage.aspx" ScriptFile="GoWeb.js" CssFile="GoWeb.css" ShowsHorizontalScrollButtons="False" Sorting="None"></GoWeb:GoPalette>
I now receive the error "Internet Explorer cannot open the Internet site /webform1.aspx. Operation aborted.
Unfortunately, it fails about 2 out of 3 times, sometimes it works.

Try using the GoWeb.js that is in This is actually the GoWeb.js that comes with GoDiagram Web version 3.0 beta, but I believe it also works with version 2.6.2.

I was having the same problem, I tried the new js file and it seems to have solved it.


Sorry for the delay. That took care of my problem.


Incidently, what’s the timeframe for the next release?