Refresh Rates and Hardware Issues

We use go diagram for just about all of our user interface. One of our customers displays the application on a monitor while simultaneously displaying it on a large projected screen. The video software constantly updates the screen based on the monitor. When they drag a gonode around on the screen it seems to lock up the monitor along with the hardware that projects on the screen. We were thinking that it may be a refresh rate issue. First of all, has anyone heard of this type of problem. Secondly, is there a way to cut down on the amount the screen refreshes? Maybe by setting the drags realtime property of my goobjects to false?

We have often done presentations with GoDiagram, using both our own projection unit as well as ones built into an auditorium. I don’t recall ever seeing such a problem with the projected display. Sounds like a problem with that particular projector/setup. Does the problem occur if the projector is disabled, turned off, or disconnected?
You could set GoView.DragsRealtime to false, but that would probably increase the number of repaints, because the overhead of each repaint would be reduced, so more could get done in the same amount of time. But you could try that. You might also try a different projector…

It also happens if the projector is turned off walter, but it has various other hardware video devices connected. Unfortuantely this is an offsite problem and I’m going on the information that the tech provided me with. We were thinking it was a hardware issue, knowing that you have used it with projectors helps. When I get a solution I’ll post it, thanks again.