Reg: Object insert position

Hi All,

I am using web based planogram tool. when u insert the object from gopalette to goview by using "insert" button. The objects are placed in the same position. I want the object to be placed different position when user click the insert button.
Thanks in advance

Have you looked at the definition of the event handler for that button?


I can't able to found any defenition in the insert button

Aren’t you the same person who said, about the same event handler:


       Thank u. now its working[/quote]


Cool. I am reply regarding the selecting object while the time of inserting by using "insert" button. This problem is entirely different, please go through below the steps to get my problem.
step 1: Insert a note object to the goview(don't move the object)
Step 2: Insert a balloon note object to the goview
Now u see the rack, balloon note overlapped with note.
My scenario here is i want to place the objects separatly,not to be overlapped with each other while insert the objects using "insert" button.
Can u get my problem? How i can achieve this