Regarding Go group


Can any body help me for the problem....
1)i am creating group for two objects
2)while selecting any one of the object in group the boundry of the group is visible....its fine but.
3)In my case I need to display the boundry without selecting the group objetcs....
ie,the boundry should be visible for ever.....
Ur valuable suggestion are welcome.........

Well, you could add a background object to the group, and then manage the size of it in an override of LayoutChildren.

but this is probably the easiest thing to do:

<font size="2">
</font><p><font size="2">  [Serializable]
  public class MyBorderGroup : GoGroup {
    public override void Paint(Graphics g, GoView view) {
      RectangleF rf =  this.Bounds;
      g.DrawRectangle(Pens.Gray, rf.X, rf.Y, rf.Width, rf.Height);
      base.Paint(g, view);
</font><font size="2"></font></p>

Hi thanks for ur reply…

Then can u overcome the problem that suppose i am bounding the rectangle with two different groups...two groups will not be collide with each other.

There’s about 3 different ways I can read that. Can you upload a picture, I think that will help. thanks.

my question is,

1)I have 4 objects
2)lets say its in north,south,east,west
3)I am going to group north-->South
5)In This case 2 groups are bounded by rectangle and both are visible....
6)how should i avoid the collision of 2 groups.

You can move one (or both) groups so that they do not intersect. Or you can move one (or more) of the child nodes so that their parent groups do not intersect.