Relink handle cursor

I would like to change the cursor associated with the relink handles of a golink.

I assume I need to set the CursorName of the RelinkableFromHandle or RelinkableToHandle to the cursor I want.
How do I get to the relink handles ?
If I have to override AddSelectionHandles, how do I do leave all the other behaviors in place ?
public override void AddSelectionHandles(GoSelection sel, GoObject selectedObj) {
    base.AddSelectionHandles(sel, selectedObj);
    GoHandle h = sel.FindHandleByID(this, GoLink.RelinkableFromHandle) as GoHandle;
    if (h != null) h.CursorName = "move";
    h = sel.FindHandleByID(this, GoLink.RelinkableToHandle) as GoHandle;
    if (h != null) h.CursorName = "move";

Note that this override has to be on a class inheriting from GoLink. If your links are GoLabeledLinks, you need to make sure the GoLabeledLink.RealLink is an instance of your custom GoLink class, typically by overriding GoLabeledLink.CreateRealLink to return such an instance.

Thanks, that worked !