Relinking / OnLinkRemoved


my program is based on dynamic Ports example. Because i do a lot of stuff in partmanagers OnLinkRemoved i have the problem that this function isnt called when i take an existing link and connect it with another node. How can i solve this problem, i need something like OnLinkChanged…

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I am not sure why you need to override PartManager.OnLinkRemoved, if you think you need to do something similar when an existing Link is modified.

For most circumstances implementing the Diagram.LinkRelinked event is sufficient, as is the Diagram.LinkDrawn event.

Alternatively one would normally implement a model Changed event handler.

It depends on whether you are concerned about the user’s gesture or the model’s modification by any code.

Hello Walter,

i use it for update states of the socket like IsConnected. I will try the event solution, thank you very much