Reloading the model


I am using dynamic Json data to create a tree in GO JS. This works fine if i provide hard-coded JSON data. The problem i see is when i load dynamic data.

I am showing the JSON data in a text area, i do see that to be updated but the diagram is just loading with default intialization. Please see below the JSON data on the textbox and attached is the output diagram with initial values

“nodeDataArray”: [
{“isGroup”:true, “key”:-1, “text”:“Service Parameters”, “xy”:“311 118”},
{“isGroup”:true, “key”:-2, “text”:“Device Model”, “xy”:“504 112.00000000000001”},
{“key”:0, “Data”:“list User”, “group”:-1},
{“key”:1, “Data”:“Key name”, “group”:-1},
{“key”:2, “Data”:“leaf name”, “group”:-1},
{“key”:3, “Data”:“type String”, “group”:-1},
{“key”:4, “Data”:“Leaf Uid”, “group”:-1},
{“key”:5, “Data”:“type u-int 32”, “group”:-1}
“linkDataArray”: [
{“from”:0, “to”:1},
{“from”:0, “to”:2},
{“from”:2, “to”:3},
{“from”:0, “to”:4},
{“from”:0, “to”:5},
{“from”:0, “to”:6}

Are you using the debug version of the GoJS library and checking the console log for errors or warnings?

You can construct a model programmatically or by calling Model.fromJson --either way should work. Then you can assign Diagram.model.