Remove an adornment when another adornment is called


I have such design with 2 tags (Items & Passed)
On hovering those tags I need to add tooltip like this.
There is no issue with adding and removing single adornment, but I stuck with trying to make one adornment dissapear when user will hover another tag.

I’m adding adornment using mouseHover (because it uses hoverDelay from toolManagerm and I need this delay) on a panel of each tag, and I I remove adornment in mouseLeave which set in Adornment itself.

Can’t find correct combination to achive behaviour when user already have one adonment shown and he moves a mouses to another tag which supposed to show another adornment.

Is there a reason you aren’t using GraphObject.toolTip? You can specify different tooltips for different elements of your node.

Yes, I doing some request before I actually doing part.addAdornment()
If there is a way to execute logick before tooltip will be shown I can try using tooltips on panel.

I suppose you could override ToolManager.showToolTip if you want to do something extra besides just show the tooltip for an object.

Another possibility is to implement a Part.layerChanged event handler on your Adornment tooltip.

I made it with toolTip and in the first look result was as expected but I’ve played with it and still there is some issue with hiding/showing another tooltip

UPD: I dont really understand what was that, but now it seems to be workingju fine.