Remove Editable from label dynamically

Is there any way threw which i can remove label editable field dynamically at run time when any user creates link from one node to another node i just want to remove start and end edge label editable field

using this code i am able to remove the text from label but i am not be able to remove its editable field

       var model = myDiagram.model;
        var data = myDiagram.selection.first().data  // get the first node data
        model.setDataProperty(data, 'text', '');

It sounds like you want to make part of the Link Template invisible when there’s no text. You can do that with a binding:

Something like:

myDiagram.linkTemplate =
  $(go.Link,  // the whole link panel
    new go.Binding("points").makeTwoWay(),
    $(go.Shape,  // the link shape
      { strokeWidth: 1.5 }),
    $(go.Shape,  // the arrowhead
      { toArrow: "standard", stroke: null }),
     // link label:
    $(go.Panel, "Auto",
      $(go.Shape,  // the label background, which becomes transparent around the edges
      $(go.TextBlock, "transition",  // the label text
        // editing the text automatically updates the model data
        new go.Binding("text").makeTwoWay()),
      new go.Binding('visible', 'text', function(t) { return t !== '' })
    ) // end Link label

Specifically the new go.Binding('visible', 'text', function(t) { return t !== '' }) binding.

Note that this makes it so, if someone edits a label to be empty, the label will disappear and it won’t be possible for the user to get it back, unless you make some way of doing so.