Removing node when dragged out of view

I have a requirement that when a node is dragged off the view and back to the palette (in this case a listview), the node should be deleted.
Any thoughts on how this could be achieved…so far I’m not having any luck.

I assume you have already made sure that GoView.AllowDragOut is true.
I think you need to define your own dragging tool that overrides GoToolDragging.DoDragDrop. Here’s the default implementation:
public virtual void DoDragDrop(IGoCollection coll, System.Windows.Forms.DragDropEffects allow) {
this.View.DoDragDrop(coll, allow);
Your override should look at the return value of Control.DoDragDrop, and if it returned DragDropEffects.Move, you can call GoView.DeleteSelection and set GoTool.TransactionResult.
You can install your custom dragging tool by:
goView1.ReplaceMouseTool(typeof(GoToolDragging), new CustomDraggingTool(goView1));
Caveat: I haven’t actually tried this, so I only hope that I am lucky enough to give you a clue for how to actually do this.