Repeatable bug with GoJs

This bug is repeatable - so much so that I took a video of it. I’ll provide whatever I can to help fix it. This is the latest stable version. The video is here:!336172&authkey=!AExkHWB8M2v4Q48&ithint=video%2cmp4.

The process is pretty straightforward. Start with a single node, highlight it, expand it and then click anywhere on the diagram. It does not occur if you expand it first. I do have an event that listens for the LayoutComplete (which seems to fire for every node added, not when all nodes are added - I guess I should move this to a transaction) but any, it always happens.


Sigh, sorry. It wasn’t so much a bug with GoJs as me missing something - the shape.previousStroke can be null for a graph that hasn’t been previously colored. Some interaction was causing a null value to be assigned to shape.Stroke which is unhandled in the GoJs library. this only applied to the stroke though as far as I can tell.

Hope this helps.

Does it help if you use go-debug.js instead of go.js?