Replace link points with those stored in an array

I would like to programmatically change a link’s points to that of the points stored in an array; however, I am not sure how to do this. I have looked at computePoints with link.clearPoints and then looping through and adding points using link.addPoint() to add the new points. Additionally, I have tried to set the points using link.points = pointsArray but that results in the error Cannot read property 'freeze' of null. I am at a loss. The reason for doing this is that I want the changes in points from one user to replace the points on a link for another user.

Setting the points property on the Link should work if the List or Array is properly constructed.

Okay. I got it working with the following code:

var points = [];
data.points.forEach(function(point) {
link.points = points

What are those “F” and “G” properties? I hope you aren’t depending on the minified names of any properties!

Yes, I have fixed this to use point.x and point.y. Thank you!