Report documentation mistakes

Hello !
Sometimes when reading the documentation it happens that we see a small mistakes.

For example in the Link Class documentation, multiple properties have this sentence:

For examples of how to use this property, see “Link Connection Points”.


However there’s no such examples on the mentioned page (CTRL+F of the property name returns no result).
In this case it would be better to remove this statement IMHO.

What is the preferred way to communicate if we find small mistakes like this one ?

  • Pull request on GitHub?
  • An email to a specific address?
  • Other?

Ah, you’re right. That link goes to an “Introduction” page about how links might connect at nodes, but it does not include an example usage of fromEndSegmentLength or toEndSegmentLength.

I think the page ought to be GoJS Links -- Northwoods Software, but that page too does not have an example. So we should improve an Introduction page about link routing, and then update the API docs accordingly.

Thanks for reporting the problem. You can do it in any of the three channels: GitHub, email, or this forum.

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You’re welcome ! Okay I’ll see which of the three I’ll use next time.

And in the meantime you can find many examples in the samples. Just search the samples/*.html files, either on GitHub or in your own directory.

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