Request for walk-through

Hello guys,

Yesterday i tried to work with GoDiagram, but all i could do was to show 2 basic node inside a viewer and after long put a link on it, i couldn’t even show a GoNode as it show nothing, and i couldn’t modify the code were exist from sample because i couldn’t get it, sure there is explanation over some of different nodes inside the PDF files, but …

Let say i previously had worked with IBM iLog and now looking for replacement, So what i look for is walk-through for following:

  1. Create a custom node, using multiple shapes, and put textbox and image on it, which can be load later programmatically
  2. Create a customized link, not much, i mean the style if possible, the color, the width, and the direction of link arrow? None, toNode1, toNode2, bidirectional
  3. Get all of node and link objects inside the group
  4. Inheritance in link, so later when i get links inside a group i know which type of link is linked between two shape

these were several simple need every one may need, i also need to know of following

  1. i require a layout which is a tree going down layer by layer, and each layer horizontally, but in the leaf it start display leaf vertically like:

       A  ----------  B
     |    |              |--- L1

    C – – D |— L2
    |— L5 |–L7 |— L3
    |— L6 |–L8 |— L4

how to configure such a layout?

  1. Absolute positioning of node
  2. Create shape that are a button
  3. Give a user a designer and receive its input data

thank you

Can you post a picture or two of the current app? If you click the “full reply” button down below, you can upload pictures.

I haven’t heard back, but I’ll try to answer the questions I can…

  1. I need to know more about your diagrams to know which base class node to recommend. But…
    PersonNode in DataSetDemo. DecoratedTextNode or the the InfoNode* classes in NodeLinkDemo
    are all places to look for examples.

  2. yes, style (dashed, dotted, etc), width, Color, from/to arrowheads all available.

  3. A Group is a collection, just iterate through it to get the children.

  4. Inheritance in link: Sure.

    5) Layout is TreeLayout. DataSetDemo has this exact layout.

    6) sure. node.Location =

    7) See the Star shape on InfoNode in NodeLinkDemo.

    8) A designer for nodes? You could do that. Look at the GoXml support for saving the designs.