Required: Swimlane Implementation in Angular CLI 9

Hi Team,

I am facing issue while integrating the swimlane gojs Sample code into Angular CLI 9.

Creating with Simple Diagram it’s working fine but with sample code for swimlane is has following issues:

go.Diagram.inherit(LaneResizingTool, go.ResizingTool);
go.Diagram.inherit(PoolLayout, go.GridLayout);

Could someone guide me to fix these such issues?


The error messages seem to say that you are loading the LaneResizingTool code twice. Don’t!

In fact, make sure that you only load each file once, including the go-debug.js or go.js file.

Hi Walter,

Thanks for your response.

As you know, I am using ‘Swimlane’ Gojs Sample code with Angular. I have already converted with typescript and but still getting a few errors:

and at Brower, I am able to see only a single node with -1 value.

Could you please guide me to resolve the above issues. My goal is to create swimlanes with angular.


Did you translate PoolLayout into a TypeScript class?