Hi all,
I have a little problem, here it goes. I have a godocument of number of Iconic nodes.But i cant fit my document to the whole displayable area as a result some of the nodes are clipped off the visible region. (Document Style is set to Sheet)
If I apply same RescaleToFit when the window is fully visible then this works without any problem.

here is the how I wanted to do it.

public void OnSelectionChanged(object sender,EventArgs e)
//Clear All Node from the document.
//Calculate required node to be Displayed//
//View.RescaleToFit() <— This doesnot work

and when everything is visible, if I try calling just a single Method RescaleToFit() from the toolbar with a button clicked then everyting works perfectly.

So please Help me I tried different things but nothing worked out.
In the run What I knew was The View automatically Calculates it’s DocScale property value and RescaleToFit sets DocScale to the calculated value by the view so that everything inside the document is seen.

Thank you everyone. Hope to get a solution.

Well, I’m not sure I cpmpletely follow… but if you are removing a bunch of objects before calling RescaleToFit, it’s a good idea to call

goView1.Document.Bounds = goView1.Document.ComputeBounds();

Thank you very much, that is what I wanted. great help thanks again