Resizable Comment and CHANGED event

Following situation:
I wrote a slightly extended version of Comment (included with the examples). I overwrote #layoutChildren so that the node’s size can be interactively changed. This works so far.

Problem is:
In my app the user has a JTabbedPane with JGOView instances. When I load a flowchart in a JGoDocument, I regsiter a DocumentChangedListener to be able to give the user feedback, that a flowchart has been changed and to show option dialogs when the user wants to close the tab or the appplication.
Unfortunately, when a flowchart contains my extended version of Comment, called StdComment, after calling JGoView#setDocument and registering the DocumentChangedListener, the StdComment fires a CHANGED event, although no change is visible. This does not happen with the original Comment class, which looks rather ugly in a JGoPalette, because it doesn’t care whether I set it’s size or not.

So, here is my rather ugly #layoutChildren. It would be great if we could get the node not to fire this particular CHANGED event which I think is fired up when the nodes gets displayed in the view the first time, which unfortunaletyl happens after I attached the listener.

[code] public void layoutChildren(JGoObject childchanged) {
if (isInitializing()) return;

    JGoText label = getLabel();
    if (label != null) {                                    
        final JGo3DNoteRect rect = getRect();                    
        if (rect != null) {
            // change node's size, if necessary
            if ((rect.getWidth() < label.getWidth()+12) &&
                    (rect.getHeight() < label.getHeight() + 4 +
                            rect.getFlapSize())) {
                rect.setBoundingRect(label.getLeft() - 4,
                        label.getTop() - 2,
                        label.getWidth() + 12,
                        label.getHeight() + 4 + rect.getFlapSize());

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That’s odd. Painting should not result in a call to layoutChildren, or any other document change.
If you look at the subhint for the JGoDocumentEvent.CHANGED case, is the value JGoObject.ChangedGeometry? If you set a break-point at that call to rect.setBoundingRect, does it execute after you have finished loading the document, when you show the view?
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Ahhh! My answer got lost with “RPC server unavailable” :(

Here I go again:
DocumentChangedEvent#getFlags delivers 1, but I do not know where to look up the description scratchinghead.

And no, rect#getBoundingRect does not get called after loading and displaying the flow.

I am registered as ‘AlArenal’ but cannot remeber my password. As the forum system does not send a Welcome mail with my username and password, I could not look it up again. :(

You can look up JGoDocumentEvent.CHANGED subhints/flags in the description for JGoObject.update. JGoObject.ChangedGeometry is indeed 1.
OK, so in your document listener when a change happens unexpectedly you can look at the stack to get a clue for why the change occurred. It must be some other object’s changing its bounding rect, or else that same comment rect changing for a different reason.

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Thanks for the stack tip. I’m such a moron… The code of this class is pretty old and because I couldn’t help me in another way I overwrote #paint to adjust the background’s width in case the label increases its own width after editing. I forgot about that meanwhile and now it backfired at me. That’s a big DON’T :)

I moved the code into #layoutChildren, deleted my #paint and everything’s fine now.

Thanks for helping me out, Walter!

Thanks, Walter! :)