Resizable node with links

Links connected to a resizable node are not redrawn when the node changes size if the link is not connected in the other end. The example is from the Movable Link App with the GoBasicNode made reisizable.
If this is by design, how do I get the link (in the example Link2) to reconnect to the node?

Dang. The problem isn’t the resizable node, it is the link.Movable = true. If you remove that,
the resize will update the link. Since the whole point of Movable Link App is to demo
this Movable = true option, we don’t use that option anywhere else.

But still, the fact that there’s a problem here surprises me… more research needed…

I guess this should have been obvious. Your “link 2” doesn’t have a “to” node, so it doesn’t have a “ToPort”. So… when the node resizes, the Port in GoBasicNode notices that, and calls UpdateRoute
on the link.

UpdateRoute calls CalculateStroke to compute a new path from FromPort to ToPort. But… there isn’t
a ToPort, so it just returns.

A case of two pretty rarely used options (resizable nodes and movable links) not behaving well together.

So… if you really need a workaround for this, I’d suggest overriding CalculateStroke on your GoLink, create a temporary zero-sized GoPort where the the of the link is, attach the link to it, then call
base.Calculate Stroke, then remove the port your created. I’d mock that up for you, but
it doesn’t look like you’ve been under support for some time.