Resize of balloons, text and comments objects

I have two sets of objects that behave differently when I try to resize them in a group or individually. One set can be resized, and the other cannot.

The objects I call entities that are without text in them, when selected, have a line rectangle around them with small green rectangles at the corners and midpoints that allow me to resize that object. Or, for the case of rectangles, elipses and triangles, have ther green rectangles on them.

The objects I call toolbar texts, namely balloons, text and comments, which have text in them, when selected, do not show the line rectangle or the small green rectangles and therefore cannot be resized.

Both toolbar texts and entities are derived from GoObject and override the DoResize method.

Why can I not resize balloons, text and comments and can I set an attribute that would allow me to do so?

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