Resizeable GoIconicNode

I like the simplicity of the goIconicNode. Everything links to the middle through whatever side is closest. But I like the goSimpleNode’s ability to resize (and the customer doesn’t like the “two black dots” on the sides). Somehow I would like to have a graphical node like goIconicNode with a single invisible port in the center and the ability to resize it.
Any ideas? Thanks,

Just set GoIconicNode.Resizable to true.

Thanks Walter. I was sure I tried that, but I just tried it again and that definately works. Thanks for being patient with this newbie.

That Resizable property actually is inherited from GoObject. You might also want to consider other GoObject properties, such as Reshapable and ResizesRealtime.
A little more explanation: the image you see is being displayed by a GoImage object which is the GoIconicNode.Icon.
When an object is selected, the GoObject.SelectionObject is the object that actually gets the selection handles, if any. In the case of GoIconicNode, GoIconicNode.SelectionObject just returns the Icon.
GoIconicNode.Resizable is overridden to get and set the same property on the GoIconicNode.SelectionObject. The same is true for some other properties, including Reshapable and ResizesRealtime and Location and Shadowed.
This means that when you set GoIconicNode.Resizable, it is actually the Icon that is made Resizable. In the normal case, that means the GoImage is now user-resizable. You’ll note that when the user resizes the image, it is only the image that is being resized – the other child objects of the node are not resized.