Resizing a GoNode

Good Morning,

If I have a subgraph, GoGeneralNode or any other object and I want the node to have a fixed width but variable height depending on the text size ( as the size grows ).
Currently as the label/text size grows the control's width grows as well and what I want is to have a fixed width and variable height.
So far I have tried the following(Example is with Subgraph):
this.AutoRescales = false;
this.Width = 80F;
I get the feeling though that I need to overwrite some of the member functions such as the DoResize maybe?

The general answer is that it depends on what your group’s or node’s LayoutChildren method does.

However, it might be that you just want to change the properties of the GoText object. Perhaps you just want to set GoText.Wrapping to true and GoText.WrappingWidth to the value that you want.


That was exactly the property I was looking for.