Resizing pictures to avoid Vertical and horizontal scrolls

Using Incremental layout (Default layout with extension)

desiredSize: new go.Size(50, 35)

I am using the above line with static sizes to cloud pictures to display the below diagram

Here Vertical scroll was not there, since the size is 50, 35.

But When many nodes ( cloud ) are there, I could obvisouly get vertical scroll.
To avoid scroll, every time after layout has been completed, I have checked Whether Offset height is less than scrollHeight.

isScroll = content.offsetHeight < content.scrollHeight;

If YES, then I am reducing the size by 10 as size = size -10.When I am doing this, I am getting the diagram with vertical scroll with lot of space between them as follows.

Can you Please help me to avoid vertical scroll with minimal space between them as in the 1st image??

Why did you make the nodes a lot smaller?

You said before that you did not want nodes to be moved unless the user moved them manually. You could use a GridLayout to lay out everything.

I am not moving the nodes, just reducing the size to avoid vertical scroll. But still it exists with lot of spaces in it??