ReTransform Left Bottom as(0,0) of GoView


I want to change the origin as (0,0) for left bottom corner of my GoView.
Right now it is left top (0,0) by default.
So please help me out.

You need to set GoView.DocPosition so that the origin is where you want it. Caution: we do not support changing the coordinates so that increasing values of Y go “up” – they always go “down”, just as increasing values of X always go “right”.

By default the GoView only allows scrolling to where the GoDocument exists. Unless you have already added objects at negative Y coordinates in the view’s document, you’ll need to first set the document’s bounds. Then you can set the GoView.DocPosition. Something like:

SizeF sz = goView1.DocExtentSize;
PointF pos = new PointF(0, -sz.Height);
goView1.Document.Bounds = new RectangleF(pos, sz);
goView1.DocPosition = pos;