Right Mouse Click and Left Mouse Click both Cause Selection Event to Fire

Is there a way to prevent the right mouse click from firing the object selection event, or even selecting an object. We are having issues when we select two groups, and then right mouse click on any object within a group and the other group is unselected. As part of our grouping process, we set every object in the group to unselectable = false. However the groups objects are selectable.

The normal expectations are for right/context click to select what’s at the click point, so that any operations in context menu commands can sensibly operate on the selection.

If you make the member nodes not-selectable, both single-clicking and context-clicking on such nodes will cause the selection to go to the selectable containing group, if any. If you want to change that behavior, you can certainly customize the respective tools by overriding Tool.standardMouseSelect.

Thanks Walter. I will try overriding the standardMouseSelect function. I appreciate the quick feedback.