RightToLeft for a diagram with base layout

i implemented a gantt chart similar to your example with days and hours graduated nodes (Gantt chart). And just like the example, i use no specific layout for the diagram. I need to flip and implement this diagram for RTL direction so that the days and hours grows on the left, the nodes are situated under the correspondent new day position and the diagram starts from today on the right side of the viewport. Is there a simple way of doing this or i should calculate each node position manually? I saw that other layouts like GridLayout has a RightToLeft property, or the TreeLayout the angle property, what about the base Layout?


The base Layout does not really position any node, unless the node has no real location at all.

Yes, you’ll need to adapt the code. Perhaps you only need to reimplement the rescale function of that sample. In fact, I’d be tempted to remove the “location” Binding, remove the call to Diagram.updateAllTargetBindings, and do all of the position and size calculations based on each Node.data explicitly for either RtL or LtR layout.