Robot doesnt moves link label

I have a link with a label.

I’m trying to move the label using Robot

const robot = new Robot(diagram);
const options = {sourceDiagram: diagram, targetDiagram: diagram};
const linkLabel = diagram.findPartByKey("-1").findObject("link-label-panel") // I've also tried to use 
//TextBlock object instead of the panel it sits. 
const from = linkLabel.getDocumentPoint(go.Spot.Center)

robot.mouseDown(from.x, from.y, 0, options);
robot.mouseMove(0, 30, 100, options);
robot.mouseUp(from.x, from.y + 30, 200, options);

But Robot actually doesn’t move label, only selects a link.
I tried bunch of things but nothing works out for me.
Need assist

I just tried this, and it worked as I expected:

  function dragLinkLabel() {
    const lambda = myDiagram.findNodeForKey("Lambda");
    if (!lambda) return;
    const link = lambda.findLinksConnected().first();
    if (!link) return;
    const label = link.findObject("LABEL");
    const p0 = label.getDocumentPoint(go.Spot.Center);
    myRobot.mouseDown(p0.x, p0.y, 0);
    myRobot.mouseMove(p0.x+4, p0.y-4, 100);
    myRobot.mouseMove(p0.x+20, p0.y-20, 200);
    myRobot.mouseUp(p0.x+40, p0.y-40, 400);

I wonder if you aren’t doing the first mouseMove close enough to the mouse-down point so that it registers as a move for the label rather than somewhere else (such as at 30,100).

Thanks that works,