RotatedText rendering

Hi there

I’m trying to implement rotating text/shapes. Is there a newer version of the solution posted at:

The following code:

<br /> RotatedText txt = new RotatedText(); <br /> txt.AutoResizes = true; <br /> txt.Text = "txt txt txt txt txt"; <br /> txt.Position = new PointF(100, 100); <br /> txt.Angle = 45; <br /> Document.Add(txt); <br /> <br /> RotatedTextHolder rtholder = new RotatedTextHolder(); <br /> rtholder.Selectable = true; <br /> rtholder.Movable = true; <br /> rtholder.RT.Text = "RotatedTextHolder RotatedTextHolder"; <br /> rtholder.RT.Angle = 45; <br /> rtholder.RT.AutoResizes = true; <br /> rtholder.Position = new PointF(200, 200); <br /> Document.Add(rtholder);

works (kinda), but the rendering is a bit dodgy (take a look at the handles). I didn’t make any changes to RotatedText or RotatedTextHolder :].

Any ideas?

Many thanks

Deon Fourie

The original post of the RotatedText code was 17-Mar-04, but the code in the uploads is dated 16-Jun-05.
So, you’ve got the latest, but, as Walter says “It could stand a re-implementation”.

Also, check out the Rotatables.cs file in: