Rotating Nodes?

Hello there,

I’m wondering if it’s possible to flip nodes 180 degrees in a
straightforward manner or is it necessary to develop logic within the
nodes to draw themselves differently based on state?

Thanks for your time! :)

It depends on what kind of node you have and what behavior and appearances you want when you rotate the node. Did you want the text to rotate? What about each port? Should everything rotate about the center or around some other point?
Presumably you already saw the topic that mentioned rotating polygons in the Shaper example, and for rotating text and images:

RotatedText.cs (7.3 KB)
RotatedImage.cs (10.4 KB)

If you want the rotated text to participate in (for example) a GoGroup’s LayoutChildren in a normal manner, you may want to use the RotatedTextHolder class in that RotatedText example source file.

Thanks for the pointer, although I think this would be over-engineering
for our purpose. Basically we have T-shaped node which needs to be
flipped if the link goes above the shape rather than below. the text
remains unflipped. I think the easiest way would be to just develop
sepearte layout logic for the fllipped state. Thanks anyway :)