Rotating problems when used with XML saving

Hi GoSupportTeam,

i have problem with Rotation of GoDrawing object used with Go.XML.
Sample: if a rotate a Triangle (GoDrawing with triangle figure) to an Angle of 220, for a initial triangle of 80,80 the new size will be 82.0 86.9. The problems occurs when i save, the "GoXmlWriter.Generate" save the position, size and angle and reload it when i re-open, but the save for size is 82.0 86.9 and not 80,80 and when the document is re-open my triangle is not the exact same size because of that (it will increase a little each time i save my document...).
I do not know how to avoid that, all object which have not an "Angle == 0" seems increasing each time the project is saved. Also, I have some group of object with subobject in it which can do rotation and the problems appears to the whole group when some subobject have Angle != 0. Maybe, i can save my properties in a new order (in XML file) to avoid that, i do not know.
PS: The Position also change when object rotate and give same kind of problems (User change others objects in document to set the ModifiedFlag to true, save the document. The result: position is each time a little offset for object with angle).

Try saving these properties…




See if that gives you what you want.

I’m blind, sorry.

I use "UnrotatedBounds" to save my size and position and everything is fine.