RoundedTopRectangle unknown error

I am trying to use RoundedTopRectangle, but I get error

$(go.Shape, “RoundedTopRectangle”,
// new go.Binding(‘stroke’, ‘status’, function (s) { return resolveStatusColor(s); }),
{ fill: ‘#E8DFDD’, stroke: ‘#E8DFDD’ }

Unknown Shape.figure: RoundedTopRectangle
at v (go-debug.js:12)
at Gg.set [as figure] (go-debug.js:1292)
at Ol (go-debug.js:940)
at Ml (go-debug.js:939)
at 1571086d58f8a30b978c7512711db377-addon.js:1543
at initGoJsDiagram (1571086d58f8a30b978c7512711db377-addon.js:1772)
at initLayout (1571086d58f8a30b978c7512711db377-addon.js:552)
at 1571086d58f8a30b978c7512711db377-addon.js:529
at 1571086d58f8a30b978c7512711db377-addon.js:109
at all-debug.js:1132

I have just reference to below file only

<script src=“”></script>

Please help

The RoundedTopRectangle and RoundedBottomRectangle are defined in their own file, extensions/RoundedRectangles.js. You’ll need to include a reference to that file for the figures to work.

Could you please share cdn reference of it?

There are no CDN references, you’ll need to download or copy the file into your project.