Row spacing between "packed" graphs?

I have a topology rendering with TreeLayout, and I can’t seem to find the magical setting to set the “row spacing” between graphs when there are multiple trees with unique root nodes being rendered. I guess this would be the packing algorithm for multiple graphs?

ROFL! I found it not 5 minutes after asking the question, sorry.

const MY_ROW_SPACING = 25;

// spacing between sibbling nodes at each layer
treeLayout.rowSpacing = MY_ROW_SPACING;
// set arrangementSpacing to the same treeLayout.rowSpacing value
treeLayout.arrangementSpacing = new Size(MY_ROW_SPACING, MY_ROW_SPACING);

I’ll place the answer here in case someone else is looking for this answer in the future.

Actually, what you want to set is TreeLayout.nodeSpacing for the distance between sibling nodes, as well as TreeLayout.arrangementSpacing for the distance between separate trees.