RTF Editor in GoView

Hello Go team,

I am trying to display a box that can be edited with text (rtf style, color, fonts and other effects such as hyperlinks) and where I can also place pictures and images. I would like this to work the same way as the tooltip, i.e. once the mouse hovers over the object (shape) I would need this box to appear, OR it can be in an seperate window inside the view which gets updated depending on the hovering context. So far, the only thing i succeded to do is to register to the GoView.ObjectEnterLeave event and show the tooltip message, yet, like I mentioned above I would like to make this a much more powerful interface than just a black string of text.
If you had any suggestions for the best way to achieve what I am trying to do it would be greatly appreciated.
Claude L.

There’s a sample of how to use RichText in the Demo1 application. But Windows tooltips are defined by the system to just be simple text, so if you want a fancier pop-up than that, you’ll have to build it yourself with Go (using GoObjects to display the fancy tooltop).

It’s not too hard… just use the GoView.ObjectHover event and then display the GoObject(s) you want, with a timer to remove it.

Actually, the .NET webbrowser control may be better suited to your requirements than rich text.

How to embed a usercontrol

will show you how to embed it inside a GoObject. But you’ll have to figure out how to allow the user to edit the content.

Wow… this seems to be what I’m looking for. A usercontrol embedded inside a goObject.

I’ll take some time to look this over, if i have more questions I’ll come ask again…

Thank you Jake