Rulered Diagram - numbers turn to dashes at small zoom

Using the Rulered Diagram template - Diagram with Rulers - when zooming out on the diagram, after a certain threshold (around 0.2 diagram.scale) the numbers on the ruler’s tick marks turn to dashes. I assume this is because of how the ruler is scaled inversely with the diagram.scale, and when the diagram.scale is too small the text can’t be rendered properly. Is there a way to fix this or prevent it from happening while still preserving the ruler scale at small zoom scales?


myDiagram.setRenderingHint('textGreeking', false);

This will stop the effect (albeit, on the entire diagram).

Thanks simon, that did the trick. I can’t find any documentation on the diagram.setRenderingHint method. Is that missing from the Diagram API page on purpose?

Yes, it is intentionally undocumented.