Rulers for GoView

I need to have rulers next to the borders of a GoView in my application(something similar to Visio rulers).Has anyone managed to implement this functionality ?
Any help(smaple code,ideeas,links etc) would be apreciated.

Actually, we’re working on this for the next release of GoDiagram. The work isn’t done yet, and in fact needs some redesign. Can you provide some specific features that you would want to see?

Hi Walter,
Thanks for your reply.I am glad to hear that you are working on this. Do you have an estimation for the next release in terms of time?
What I would like to see are:
H and V rulers on the GoView having customizable visual styles,division marks and sub-divisions , scale unit selectable (Pixels, Points, Centimetres and Inches ) , proper rescaling when the document is zoomed , beeing able to capture the mouse position in the selected scale unit , displaying the mouse position on the rulers but having also the ability to display “target” lines on the GoView ,etc
I am looking forward for the next release,

If you are a customer with a support subscription, send us e-mail, and I’ll send you the code.

Actually, we’ve just started beta for an intermediate release, 2.3, that does not include GoRuler.
But the above offer still applies.

Sounds good.
Do you have any “guestimate” when GoRuler is ready for release?

Beta will probably start at the end of summer, beginning of fall. But this early, the usual caveats apply.