Running Go Application in a Web Conference

Hi Guys,

We’re running into a problem trying to run our desktop Go App as part of a web conference and we (I) need some help.

We are using Virtual Insights Web Conferencing tool to allow many people to attend a virtual conference. In the conference we want to present our Go Application to all attendees. Unfortunately, when we run our app, the goview portion of our main screen is black. When I investigated the problem I found that by setting goview.backgroundhassheet = true and goview.sheetstyle = sheet I could at least present the objects in the goview but updates to the goview (say if an object was dragged on the goview) were not conveyed to attendees . I’m not certain why using a sheet would make the web conference partially work. Do you?

The other problem is that before we used a sheet background we could print the entirety of the goview (i.e., goview.print). If the diagram was several pages wide by several pages long, the diagram would print as I expect, on multiple pages. Unfortunately, once a sheet is used, only those objects that fit on the single sheet (a single page) are printable. I’ve tried playing with the sheet visibility (true or false) but setting it to false makes the goview appear black when presented in the web conference.

Have you guys run into problems like these and if so what were your solutions? To recap, there are two problems:

  1. Cannot present our Go App in a web conference. One partial solution is to use goview sheet background.
  2. Goview Sheet background limits our printing to one page, where many pages may be needed to actually print the diagram.

If there is a better way to present our Go App in a web conference (other than using goview sheet background) then we would want to pursue that option.

Thank you very much.

R. Houston

Hi Guys,

Here’s an update for you…

I spoke with the makers of the web conferencing tool and they suggested turning off hardware acceleration. They said that sometimes Word, Excel, and Powerpoint don’t display properly in their tool with hardware acceleration turned on. I did the following to access hardware acceleration:

  1. Right click on the desktop.
  2. Select properties (display properties).
  3. Click on Settings tab.
  4. Click on Advanced.
  5. Click on Troubleshoot.
  6. Under Hardware Acceleration move the bar/arrow to None.
  7. Select/check mark Enable write combining.
  8. Click Apply.

Following these instructions to turn off hardware acceleration allowed us to present our application to other web conference attendees. The GoView displayed as it should (it wasn’t totally black). Out of curiosity, what does a background sheet have to do with hardware acceleration?


R. Houston

We use GoToMeeting with GoDiagram apps all the time. Any Web conferencing software that doesn’t work with Word, Excel and Powerpoint (or a straight-forward .NET library like GoDiagram) sounds like a dubious piece of software.

Hi Jake,

Do the godiagram apps you present in GoToMeeting have a background sheet set? I’m trying to figure out why a background sheet would make any difference. We presented a Northwoods example program, Planogrammer, in Virtual Insights web conferencing tool, and it works…but it has a background sheet. What’s up with background sheets?