Runtime exception when using the LinkLabelDraggingTool in angular project

I’m trying to use the linkLabelDraggingTool extension in my Angular project but I’m getting this exception at runtime and the diagram is not rendered :

TypeError: gojs_extensionsTS_LinkLabelDraggingTool__WEBPACK_IMPORTED_MODULE_3__.LinkLabelDraggingTool is not a constructor

I added this to my tsconfig file :

"include": [

and in my component class :

import {LinkLabelDraggingTool} from 'gojs/extensionsTS/LinkLabelDraggingTool';

    dia.toolManager.mouseMoveTools.insertAt(0, new LinkLabelDraggingTool());

It compiles fine but runtime error. Is this not the right way to use it ? I’m on angular 13 and latest gojs version.

Always copy those extension files into your project and update the imports so that they are all consistent with your imports in other source files.

ah ok, indeed it works if I copy it to my project.