Sample on MVVM WPF

We are evaluating goXam for our WPF project.

Can you pl provide us a sample MVVM sample for at least forced/orgChart layout.

waiting for your quick response.

Although each of the samples in GoWpfDemo is organized as a pair of files, *.XAML and *.XAML.CS, the only real difference from an MVVM-architecture sample is that it constructs and loads the viewmodel in initialization code rather than separately via a binding on Diagram.Model.

If you don’t want a TwoWay Binding on Diagram.Model, you will want to set Diagram.HasDefaultModel to false.

So what is the issue in sending a sample on mvvm architecture?

The reason that the samples are not MVVM is because GoWpfDemo is a framework for showing many sample apps, each organized as a pair of files (plus optional XML data file). Actually organizing the GoWpfDemo as many MVVM sample apps would have greatly increased the number of files, thereby making the demo app more confusing.