Sample Print

First issue: I am using the Sample Print routines you have in your Intro Section and having a problem.
It seems to work fine with your sample diagram, but with my own bigger more complicated diagram it seems to be missing some images (almost seems the calculated documentBounds is not correct.

second issue: I am trying to get the full diagram at a scale of 1 to be produced in a single image of the size I specify. I have the following code but again similar to my first issue, a complete image is not produced as if the documentBounds is not correct and parts of the bottom of the diagram are missing.

var db = _diagram.documentBounds.copy();

img = _diagram.makeImage({
scale: 1,
position: new go.Point(db.position.x, db.position.y),
size: new go.Size(db.width, db.height)

Hi Walter, I think I answered my own question. The issue was that makeImage has a default maxSize of 2000x2000 and my diagram was way bigger than that. Once I changed the maxSize to be the same as my diagram’s documentBounds size then everything works fine.