Sample templates for BPMN Nodes

we are creating an BPMN editor and in the pallete of gojs\samples\BPMNEditor we dint find the following BPMN node templates,

  1. Call Activity
  2. intermediate Throwing events like time throwing event ,escalation throwing events,signal throwing event
  3. Artifacts like text annotation,data input,data output,data store, incoming message,outgoing message

Is there any sample templates in go js? if no can you please provide us the sample templates for the above nodes.

There are two things in the BPMN sample… templates to do a lot of the stuff in BPMN and some sample data to populate the palette.

There is also at least one thing we are missing templates for: swimlanes. We will be adding this in the future. There are also other parts of the spec like choreography diagrams we don’t have yet.

And, there are some things that the templates/sample code can do that we just didn’t add a sample data so that it shows up in the palette. For example, an “End Compensation Event”.

but… if you want to add an “End Compensation Event” to the palette, you just add:

{ key: 113, category: “event”, eventType: 9, eventDimension: 8, text: “End Compensation”, item: “tooltip” },

to the palette data. (note the palette populating code has 3 data sections: level 1, level 2 and “debug”. Right now, all 3 end up getting dumped into a single palette. We expect someone
building a real BPMN editor out of this sample will put more work into a rational palette design than
we’ve done.

But… to your questions… I think everything you want is there… here is a screenshot of the currently shipping sample with stuff just pulled out of the palette (with one exception… the timer
boundary event is added via a context-menu on the activity)

BPMN editors have a lot of User interface that isn’t part of the OSF spec. For example, many pop up little special link creating symbols when you select a node that make it possible to create a link to a new node without dragging from the palette. That’s all stuff you can do in GoJS (see our grafcet sample) but we have decided not to complicate the BPMN sample with that.

But… if we are missing something you need, please let us know. That’s part of how priorities get set around here.

here’s the data for the 3 events you mention…

 { key: 114, category: "event", eventType: 3, eventDimension: 7, text: "Timer", item: "Timer" },
 { key: 115, category: "event", eventType: 4, eventDimension: 7, text: "Escalation", item: "Escalation" },
 { key: 116, category: "event", eventType: 10, eventDimension: 7, text: "Signal", item: "Signal" },

Hi @Jake,

Are’nt BPMN Choreography objects available yet?

for example:

Check out our Rounded Groups sample

You should be able to drop that node and group template in with our BPMN extension to get all the node types you need.

Let me know if there is something missing that BPMN requires.