Save as Xml with GoXmlBindingTransformer

Sorry that I'm new in GoDiagram and in this forum. I have a problem with saving a very nice diagram into a xml-file.
I used one of your samples, the ClassDiagramNode. It looks very good and there was a need for only a few changes.
I need additionally a property called mdeID. It is just a normal property of the given
public class ClassDiagramNode : GoBoxNode, IGoCollapsible{
public string mdeID;
For the saving method I used the sample out of the GoUserGuide, but I have to put my new property into the following method.
How to do ? My idea is not successful.
private static void InitReaderWriter(GoXmlReaderWriterBase rw)
{ GoXmlBindingTransformer.DefaultTracingEnabled = true; // for debugging, check your Output window (trace listener)
GoXmlBindingTransformer bt;
ClassDiagramNode cdn = new ClassDiagramNode(); bt = new GoXmlBindingTransformer(cdn); bt.IdAttributeUsedForSharedObjects = true; bt.HandlesNamedPorts = true; bt.HandlesChildren = true; // generates and consumes child objects ----> This is my IDEA: bt.AddBinding("MDE_ID", "mdeID"); // collection of children is held in this property: bt.ChildrenCollectionPath = "MyBody"; bt.AddBinding("spread", "LinkPointsSpread");
and so on
Do you get any tracebacks in the output window when you run through that code?

You need to define a property with the name “mdeID”. Just defining a public field with that name is not good enough.

Thank you for the help, walter. It works !